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. . was born in the 1st Ward, Providence City, Rhode Island and was bought us as a devout Catholic.


He was a performer who wrote music for the guitar, steel guitar, ukulele and banjo.  His wife Marietta (Miner) (1855-1926) was a poet and lyricist.


In 1915 he received the Marion award for services to the church, from the Fall River Diocese and in 1916/17 he had premises at 911 Westminster Street, Providence. RI.


In spite of Vega publishing the activities of the Providence Serenaders and the compositions of Burke (even after his death), he was not a Vega distributor.


He is buried in Pocasset Cemetery, Cranston RI,   4 ½ miles from where he was bought up.


images courtesy of Steve Prior


Walter F Burke  1853-1923

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